Teaching Children by Montessori Method (0-6 yrs) 36 hrs

  • This workshop will provide parents and indivuals who are interested a basic understanding of Montessori Method. This workshop will also help family daycare providers introductory knowledge of Montessori Method.

  • Introduction:
    The Development of Infant and Toddler
    Observation Methods and Record-keeping
    Environment Preparation & Classroom Design

  • 0-30 Months:Infant and Toddler
    Routines and Transitions
    Attachment and Separation
    Behavior and Discipline
    Activities and Movement

  • 18-36 Months:Toddler and Children
    Curriculum Design
    Montessori Materials and Activities (Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Culture, Art and Music
    Child Development and Practical Life (3-6 yrs)

  • Child Development and Practical Life (3-6 yrs)
    Child Development
    What is Montessori Method
    Montessori Philosophy
    Practical Life Material and Activities

  • Sensorial and Math (3-6 yrs)
    Montessori Philosophy
    Sensorial Activities
    Mathematics Activities

  • Language and Culture (3-6 yrs)
    Montessori Philosophy
    Language Activities
    Social Studies, Physical & Life Science

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    The course is not accredited by MACTE and not AMS-affiliated. If you are interested in this program, please email us.info@capitaleducationinstitute.us
    We will provide you schedule and application form.