Teaching Chinese / English by Montessori Method Program

  • Introduction:
    The Development of Language
    Six word group
    Recepitive Language (Listening / Auditory)
    Expressive Language (Speaking / Oral)

  • Indirect Preparation for Reading
    Visual Discrimination (Pre-reading Activities I)
    Concept Development (Pre-reading Activities II)
    Whole to parts: Nomenclature Cards
    Three Period Lesson

  • Direct Preparation for Reading
    Metal Insets
    Phonics Guide
    Sand paper letter (Patterns for writing)-> Chalk Board, Initial Sounds, Final Sounds, Blending Sound.

  • Four Sounds Group & Sight Words
    Four Sounds Introduction
    Sight Words

  • How to make a Sentence
    The Noun, Article, Adjective, Verb, Preposition, Adverb, Pronoun, Conjunction and Interjection.

  • Group Time Activity and Project
    Finger plays, Songs, Rhymes and Dramatic Plays
    Project Presentation

    If you are interested in our program, please email us.
    We will provide you schedule and application form.

    Capital Education Institute reserves the right to change the contents of the information.