Why Enroll in an AMS-affiliated Teacher Education Program

  • Are you thinking about becoming a Montessori teacher or administrator? Wondering which program will best prepare you for this path? Here’s something to think about: An AMS-affiliated TEP credential indicates that an individual is a professional educator, dedicated to working collaboratively with parents, colleagues, and all members of the school community.

    The AMS-affiliated TEP credential also reflects more than 50 years of research and continuous improvement upon professional teaching standards.

    Beginning (or continuing) your professional career as a Montessori educator at an AMS-affiliated teacher education program will provide you with the knowledge and philosophical underpinnings you’ll need to grow into your new profession or new teaching level. Instruction areas include:
    Human growth and development
    Montessori theory and philosophy
    Accurate and appropriate use of Montessori materials
    An open-ended array of learning materials and activities
    Observational skills to successfully guide and challenge students
    Teaching strategies that support and facilitate the unique growth of each individual
    Leadership skills to foster a nurturing environment that is physically and psychologically supportive of learning
    AMS-affiliated TEP credentialed teachers are engaged in a deeply rewarding and fulfilling profession. To start your search for the right Montessori teacher education program for you, use the search tool (top, right).