Program Information for International Students

Credential courses must be completed in three parts, depending on the length of time that you decide to stay in US, international students must fulfill 16 hours academic hours per week. All courses and internships generally can be done in 12 months (internships starts in September each year). Moreover, group intensive classes are available. These courses can be completed in three months in US with practicum training in China.
(A) Theory class: 357 hours, eight hours a week.
(B) Operating and learning guide: 5-10 hours every week.
(C) Practical lessons: 540 hours, three hours a day, total of nine months.

Entry requirements:
High school graduation

Enrollment documents for all students:
. Fill out the application form and pay for the tuition and related expenses
. Statement of Intent
. Written Interview
. Three letters of recommendation (ask friends or teachers to write)
. physical examination (for internships, can be done in the United States)
. TB (for internships,?must be done in the United States)
. High school diploma / University or /Graduate level official transcripts

Enrollment for International students (for I-20)
. Copy of your valid passport (the page with your picture)
. Bank statements
. Financial Guarantee form
. I-20 of U.S. (CEI print from SEVIS), if mailed within
U.S -- $ 15, international mailing--$ 70


If you are already in U.S., please provide the following documents to C.E.I.

. Copy of I-94 (front and back)
. Copy of your visa
. Copy of your current I-20 and related documents (Changing I-20 does not need to pay SEVIS fee)
. If you want to transfer from other schools in U.S. to C.E.I, please take a transfer-in form to your current school, and bring it back after it is completed.